Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 13 & 14

Meet The Maker March:

Day 13


Say Cheese Everyone! Here we go! The critters have all gathered for a triple shoot, they have their camera, my camera and my phone's camera to capture the whole behind the scene event!

Alexandria Gold Illustration Crochet Ria Art World

Day 14

Creative Friends

Instagram is an amazing place to follow so many creative people, so I'm surrounded by inspiration everyday! I wanted to take this subject to introduce a creative friend that is a photographer. While I like to take pictures of tiny crochet cuties in my photo tent, inside my studio, she is out in the world, hiking and traveling to capture the most scenic places!

Alexandria Gold Illustration Crochet Ria Art World
Naturally, Arty Heart took Mr. Orange to the photography gallery where Michelle Jacquement's photo's are up for display!

If you're on instagram, check out her gallery for all of her photos! Her handle is @michellejacquement

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