Monday, March 18, 2013

Story time

Some itty bitty crochet characters that I have made. They are inspiring a
story that I am working on right now about little critter adventures.

  Here are some character designs for my own version of
The Little Red Hen: 
Autumn Fun with the Little Red Hen.

Next are some fun studies for my own original stories:
An Emu in the City

The original Burmew and her pals, Mr. Sock Monkey, Sudsey Bear and Broken-Neck Giraffey

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Editorial Class

Here is a little painting from my Editorial class about gun control:

More to Come!

Some Oldies but Goodies

Here are some oldies but goodies!

Rob Carter

Some Lynx Demons battling it out.

Family Drawings

My brother as Dr. Jekyll transforming into Mr. Hyde

My mother as tribal evil queen from Snow White
Here is the value study for this drawing:

Portrait study of my dad.

Character Studies

Character Design for Children's Books:

Some New Editions:


Here are some fun and quick character studies!