Critter Story

"Oh look at this mess."


"Oh hey Sweet Peg! Did you make this mess?"

"It's not a mess! I'm Baking!"
"Oh, Sorry Sweet Peg."
"That's ok. Here, help me out with this."

 "Ow, it's so heavy! You have to lift up a little, I'm getting squished!"

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?! You're just having me do all the work!"

"Ya know Mr. Orange, if you try and have some fun, it won't feel like work."


"You're right Sweet Peg!"

"Hey? Where'd ya go?"

"Oh geez, I can't keep up!"

"So what are you baking anyway?"

"I'm making the biggest cupcake ever!"
"Woah! How does he keep doing that?"

"How about you go get the sprinkles ready!"


"All this moving around sure makes me sleepy." 





"Hey, Where'd the mess go?"

   "Oh hey Sweet Peg. You sure look smug."


"Wow! You did it! That's so amazing! It's so..."
"...Hey, What're ya doing...?"

"Wow, I just don't know how he does it!"

Critter Pics!

Looks like Sweet Peg is treating himself-must be Friday! 

'Alrighty! Who done it?!' Interrogated Mr. Orange.


Sweet Peg is just saving one lucky penny for a rainy day:)

Looks like some critters got their Arty Heart cards!! 

Happy summer from the critters!

What a lovely critter garden on a summer day!

"Here's some lemonade for all you're hard work!" Said Munkey.

Every little Munkey needs a big guy to turn to for certain things.


"Why hello there!" 

Looks like it's someone's birthday today;-)

Look who Sweet Peg found! Time for a ride!

"I love you this much!"

"Hello there little rain drops, so nice to see you today!" Said Mr. Orange.


Woah! That's a lot of string Munkey! Looks like these two are feeling crafty in anticipation for summer vacation!

Looks like Jinky decided to throw a surprise party for his big friend!


Sweet Peg has discovered Fiona's Sweetshoppe here in San Francsico, and brown sugar licorice just happens to be his new favorite!


Critters love to pal around with little felt critters too! My carrot critters have decided to hang around my little felty bunny & her felty carrot buddies.

These little guys & gals have magnets inside of them!


Now critters can travel with you while making you look quite pretty and fashionable!

Available  in my Etsy Store!

The weather has been so lovely here in San Francisco lately. So Mr. Orange, Dog Pie, and Jinky decided to go in a miniature picnic!


Eat your fruits and veggies!

A handmade fox bag from a store called Local Take to carry a poof ball cap & some critter snacks for later!

  Happy Friday from the Chirpie Quartet!


 Cute in Red 

The critters are gearing up for V-day!


After a little down time, these critters have decided to get back up in the creative saddle and keep riding forward!


Critter Story

Home Sweet Home

After our trip away at the Oregon coast, it was time to help unpack.

Some of us helped more than others.

It was a lot of work getting everything organized.

On her way to work, Alexandria grabbed her scarf and...

Surprise! Jinky had been hiding in her scarf the whole time!

He had come all the way from the Pacific Northwest to live with us.

"I missed you guys so much!"

We had so much fun all day together.

But the next day, Jinky started to look a little glum.

I tried to ask what was wrong, but Jinky wasn't sure...

"What's the matter Jinky?"

"I'm not sure..."

So we threw a welcome home party in hopes of cheering Jinky up.

 But Jinky still looked sad.

As he sat on the scarf he liked so much, I brought up some tea 
so we could talk and I could try to cheer him up:

"This tea should make you feel a little better."


"Hey you sure like Alexandria's scarf!"  

 "The pattern on this scarf kind of reminds me of the sea"

  "Hey! That gives me a great idea!"

 "Come on! Follow me!"

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see!"

 "Hey Sweet Peg, I need you to..."

 "Already on it!"

"Wow! I just don't know how he does it!"

"Oh wow! Is that for me?"

"Sure is!"


 "Ah, Just right!"

"Welcome home Jinky!"

Critter Pics!

"Time to try a little sushi Munkey!" Said Jinky.


The holidays have us so busy, but we're back! 


 Somehow these critters ended up in a strawberry field today!


Rubba Dub Dub in the tub for the critters today!


Good Morning San Francisco!


   Happy Halloween from the Critters!


Trick or Treat!


A little game of telephone :-)


 Have You Heard About the Bird?

"Ahh, this looks like a nice spot to catch some sun."

"mmm...a nap is so nice in this heat..."

*Wiggle, wiggle*

"Huh? What's that?"

'Chirp, Chirp, Chirp'

"Hey! Do you mind? I'm trying to nap! It's too hot for singing today."

'Chirp, Chirp, Chirp, Chirp'

'Chirpie, Chirpie, Chirp, Chirp'

'Hey Mr. Orange! Wacha up to? Wanna help us garden?'

"Sorry Bun Buns, it's too hot for me to help garden today. I need to find a nice place to take a nap."

'Ok, bye Mr. Orange!'

"This looks like a nice quiet spot."




Critter Pics!

Looks like Munky has some competition!

Surprise! Critter hat party!

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