Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's Day Weekend!

"Here is a shirt for you Dad. Happy Father's Day!"

Isn't this little origami shirt adorable? It's such a nice size for my miniature crochet Bun Bun to give to her daddy Bun Bun!

Don't forget your own dad this Father's Day on Sunday! I'm never quite sure what to get my dad, so I usually go with some kind of gift card. This can seem a little impersonal though, so I went in search of a clever crafty way to present the gift!

I love Craft Gossip! They always have such lovely little ideas, and they shared this link that teaches you how to fold your very own shirt origami out of a dollar bill! 

I used regular paper though-I think it looks much prettier :-)

So what I did was take a much larger size of paper that I cut into a rectangle, folded away & then put the gift card inside the shirt. I wrote him a nice card and sent it off in the mail with the cute little origami gift card holder!

It was a perfect way to put a little extra thought behind a gift card!

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