Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pattern Test

During March Meet the Maker, I received a request from one of my most favorite fellow crocheters to test two of her patterns.

Her name is Vivika Vania and she is the amazing creator behind The Wandering Deer. You can check out her Etsy store here:

If you plan to sell you crochet patterns, I think getting someone to test out your pattern before you put it up for sale is a good idea. Sometimes, the things that make sense to you, won't make sense to someone else. Or you could just miss something entirely. A second set of eyes is always good!

I love pattern testing too! I must admit, I'm a bit obsessed with seeing how crocheters write out their patterns, there are a few distinct ways of writing and I certainly have my own preferences.

The Wandering Deer's patterns are right up my alley however, and I certainly recommend them to anyone who is beginning or just loves to crochet!

The first pattern I tested was a little Onigiri. I went to school for a little while in Kyoto when I thought I wanted to work as a translator, so this little guy was super nice for me to test-it made me feel all nostalgic!

Then naturally, I just had to go out for sushi when I was finished so we could have a little photoshoot together. 🍙  🍣  😍

Here is the link to this pattern if you would like to buy it and test it for yourself!

The next amigurumi she asked me to try was a pineapple! Now I was feeling pretty smug with myself because I finally came up with a miniature critter pattern for a pineapple in the beginning of the new year, but her pineapple buddies are soooo darn cute!

I was using a gold color to make my mini pineapples, but I love that she uses a bright yellow for hers. It makes them so much more cheerier and ties in well with a spring feeling.

So when I finished testing it, I wanted to make a little baby to go along with him! I used my pattern, but he had to be yellow too-naturally of course!🍍

Here is the pattern for The Wandering Deer's pattern:

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