Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March Meet the Maker

At the start of this month, I decided it would be a great way to share more about my business by participating in the #marchmeetthemaker challenge on Instagram.

So far...

Day 1. You

This is me! Alexandria, the creator behind Ria Art World and of course, the drawing me too.

Day 2. Favorite to Make

While drawing will always be my first love, my favorite thing to make just has to be these teeny tiny crochet octopi I make! They are a favorite of my customers and I just love finding new and exciting colors to make them in so the pattern never gets old to me. 💙

Day 3. Studio

Here is a video tour of my home studio or mad scientist lair as I like to call it!

Day 4. Tools

My two worlds meet in the middle over me : Crochet + Illustration

At the top: Several sizes of crochet hooks, my favorite embroidery thread colors, stuffing, magnets, a stuffing stick, small gold safety pin for stitch marking and a keychain ring.

At the Bottom: My favorite rainbow colors of ball point pens, a cute Daiso multi-color pen that has a finer tip for writing, my cintiq pen (super important for coloring my illustrations!), red lead for sketch ideas, gray lead for finalizing sketches, and a small paint brush which I use for creating soft textures with the graphite in my illustrations.

There is also a sturdy white eraser that I pretty much just use while sketching and a gum eraser that I use for sketching and in my final illustration process.

Day 5. Boomerang

Just a little sneaky shy raccoon popping up to say hi!

Day 6. Raw Materials

We have my sketchbook, without it, none of my illustrations or crochet patterns would ever take shape since it is where all of my ideas begin and get worked out.

 I also have a rainbow of colors for embroidery thread and yarn. I use the embroidery thread to make my tiny critters and the yarn to crochet my slightly larger plushies.

Day 7. How it's Made

This is the latest one, and I'm using it to promote my newest YouTube video which is a tutorial on how to crochet a teeny tiny Hello Kitty face and then turn it into an earring! The pattern is available here too, just click on the 'Crochet Patterns' tab above.

I also have speed lapse videos of some of my illustrations so you can check out the process if you want too!


That's it for now! I'll be sure to continue sharing as the month continues on, hopefully every day!

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