Monday, November 21, 2016

Holiday fun!

It's almost Thanksgiving! So that means I'm up in the Pacific Northwest visiting family for the holiday. I always feel inspired around this time, so I got down to some crafting since I've been up here which I've got to share!

My mother is baking pumpkin pies and the house smells delicious! I'm always a little sad after I'm done eating Thanksgiving dinner because I'm sooooo full and I want to eat the delicious pie but I barely have any room at that point!

So I made just one miniature (calorie free) slice of pumpkin pie, that would be the perfect size for the end of the meal ;-)

Next, since I am in the Pacific Northwest, what animal suits the area better than a moose? So I set out to start working on a moose cross stitch pattern! Check it out and if you like to cross stitch, go ahead and follow along!

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