Monday, April 13, 2015

Reso Box Show

The Reso Box show in New York for Amigurumi artists was so amazing. I feel privileged to have been able to submit my work to be displayed (and bought!) along side some of the most amazing crochet artists around the world!

One of my most favorite artists s Vivika Vaina, Wandering Deer on Etsy, who is known for her super sweet and precious crochet characters. My favorite is the miniature penguins she makes.

I just had to buy one of her sweet penguins to include in my own miniature crochet family.

Here are some pics of the gallery. I have no idea how they managed to bring this room together! There are so many strings and Amigurumi all over the place!

Each crochet character is from all over the world, so it was so much fun to see so much talent from everywhere in one exhibition room!

Here is a picture of Takashi Ikezawa-the master of the gallery! I'm so flattered that he asked me to be a part of such a great show:-)

And finally, some pictures of Ria Art up on the strings!


They got a little jumbled, but they're there and adorable too!

When I first arrived, I was sad because I couldn't find most of the pieces that I sent I to the show, so thi thoughts they didn't really like my work! However, I came to find out from Takashi that Ria Art Amigurumi were quite popular and most of them already sold!

I was through the roof and feel so happy to have participated in this show.

If you missed the show and have become interested in taking home some of your very own Ria Art Amigurumi, don't despair! You can find me on Etsy as Ria Art World. Or click on the link in the column to the right, where you can find your very own super sweet little critter to adopt!

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