Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Lately, I have been thinking up ways to package my larger crochet stuffties.

They come with a prop, in this example, the monkey comes with a banana of course.

Along with several different clothing accessories that can be worn together or one at a time!
They include a bowtie with Velcro fastener, a poof-ball cap and poof-ball scarf.

I like the idea of having the set spread out in some kind of display. So I'm attaching them to a chip board and will probably put it in a clear plastic wrap.

This would be an great way to show off the set at conventions, but I may keep my usual packaging for my Etsy store-which is also quite cute.

New packaging look in progress:

Etsy packaging:


I just love the idea of a sewn cloth bag holding the stuffty and his gear. It makes the little guy portable while giving him a cozy place to be stored.

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