Tuesday, May 26, 2015


People have been asking me for some time now if they could buy some of my work online. So I finally got around to uploading my best sellers at conventions onto a site called RedBubble.

I think RedBubble is one of the best sites I have found for artists to sell their work through a seller. Here are my top reasons for using RedBubble to sell prints:

1. They do not charge to upload your work.

2. You upload a file and they do all the resizing, pricing & applications to different products for you! No more saving a million and one different jpgs of different sizes!

3. Though they do all the leg work as far as file formatting, you have the option of uploading different files to get a specific desired look on different types of product faces. For example, I may uploading an illustration to be sold as a print, but I might also want to upload a themed pattern on a mug.

4. They do all the shipping as well! So upload one file, sit back and watch it sell!

I'm always on the hunt for other websites to sell my work on, but for now, I'm quite happy with RedBubble, so come on and check it out! Either type in my shop name: RiaArtWorld or click over to the right on the blog: 'Buy Ria Art on RedBubble'

Fan art, original prints and critters on a variety of products including prints, cards, and mugs!

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